Music matters

Music has a powerful way of getting under our skin.

Music system optimized for business


Partynet is a music system for all sales and business premises that, through artificial intelligence, creates the desired ambience that best suits your image, business needs and goals. Some of the most professional and high-quality catering establishments in the world use just such music programs to make their overall impression perfect, and the business itself flawless!

The music draws customers inside and gives them confidence that they’re in the right place. Guests stay longer in the facility if the music is moderately loud, while loud music will contribute to a faster change of guests. The style of music greatly affects the consumption of guests. Right background music, calms them down and keeps them around to look at everything you have to offer.

The moment when your guests leave you happy and satisfied with the top service and pleasant ambience, is the key to their return.

Business types

Customized solutions for each sector.

The right choice of music contributes to an all-round successful and unforgettable stay for your guests: from the reception, to the lounge, hotel bar, restaurant and wellness areas.

Hotels & Resorts

Appropriate music for various places in the hotel, such as lobbies, bars, restaurant, swimming pool, wellness, spa, hallways. Internal advertising of services and offers.

Create a memorable music experience that puts your restaurant in the limelight and creates a pleasant feel-good atmosphere in your restaurant, bar or café.


Music solutions for different types of restaurants. Programming different genres and rhythm of music according to the time of day.

Make every guest your regular guest: Create a memorable music experience.

Bar & Pubs

Large selection of music for various parties. Self-promotion and announcement of events through internal advertising. Programming music according to the structure of visitors (weekends, themed parties).

Background music that everyone likes!


In addition to a large selection of music, the promotion of major winnings and events that encourage visitors to more games and entertainment.

Put your customers in a summer holiday mood with good music and arouse positive emotions.

Spa & Wellnes

A selection of soothing music that is an indispensable part of relaxation and enjoyment.

Shopping should become an experience for your customers. Address your customers emotionally with the right mix of music and create a special feel-good atmosphere!

Retail & Shopping centre

Creating a favorable atmosphere during shopping, informing visitors about special offers and events. In this way, we ensure that visitors stay in the center for a longer period of time and feel comfortable.

Why Partynet?

Much more than streaming music.

Central management from anywhere, anytime

Instant music

Have total control over the music. Millions of different tracks distributed by genre, style, energy and time.

Advertising messages and jingles

Quickly and easily upload your own advertising messages and schedule them when to play.

Recording advertising messages

Enter the desired text or description and we will record a professional advertising message for you.


Schedule in advance to make sure that the right music plays in right time and to meet business hours, expected rush times, etc.

Much more than streaming music.

Central management

Manage multiple devices from one place. Set up one device and transfer settings to other devices with one click.

No connection? Don't worry

With Partynet you can enjoy your favorite songs, even if you run out of internet.

Remote control

Remote control of your devices and complete system management from anywhere, anytime.

Support 24/7

We created Partynet from scratch! We know it well and we’re always ready to help you.

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Make a consistent atmosphere for your customers and staff.

The right selection of background music helps create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, which significantly improves the well-being and satisfaction of your guests or customers. Choose from optimized of Partynet music channels curated by our experts, or create own stations tailored to your business in seconds.

With our powerful algorithm, avoid wasting time finding the right songs to fit your business, and let our system do it for you.

Partynet combines world-music curation, powerful and advanced tehnology, and easy-to-use tools to get a month's worth of uninterrupted music and a consistent atmosphere for your customers and staff.

Why to pay for advertising to different stations if you can have own stations and play ads on them.


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