How to use Christmas music to create the right atmosphere but not to become strenuous ?

Kategorija: Znanost Datum: Dec 07 17

Experts claim "less is more" or "less is more". And what do the studies and our experience say?  


Accepting global trends is not always simple and effective. Indeed, neglect and distress, and lack of information, unconsciously lead to completely opposite results. 

And what do you really want to achieve by playing Christmas music in your business?  


Generally, they all want to have a special feeling of giving, accentuating feelings, compassion and a link with the brand, enjoyment and relaxation as well as the holiday spirit that expands its positive energy and brightness in these winter short and cold days. However, not everybody is a fan of the holiday atmosphere of apparent neglect and ignorance of the problem and the present in which we find ourselves. It is confirmed by American and European research that more than 30% of people avoid all activities during the Christmas holidays, purchase at that time, and festivities and even 37% of those surveyed are irritated with Christmas music.